luni, 18 februarie 2013

Sweet escape

How are you guys? How about your start from this week? My start is so nostalgic because  I am still craving my weekend. I told you I`ll have fun and I was right. Guess what? I was at Black Sea. I know, it`s still winter but due to circumstances we were there. The main reason was a book launch that attended. So, some friends, my lover and I enjoyed the time spent at Sea and we had so much fun. Even if was so cold outside I had a beautiful  experience these days. I've never been to sea in winter time. Do you? What about your weekend?
Have a wonderful week !!

 Ce mai faceţi? Gata, s-a terminat şi scurta noastră vacanţă iar de azi am revenit la treburile şi responsabilităţile noastre. A trecut atât de repede şi frumos. Când spun asta mă gândesc în special la momentele petrecute acasă cu ai mei, la dimineţile şi serile minunate pentrecute cu dragele mele prietene dar şi la weekendul minunat care tocmai a trecut şi a încheiat această vacanţă cum nu se poate mai frumos. Circumstanţele au făcut în aşa fel încât acest weekend l-am petrecut la mare!! Da, la mare ! Principalul motiv a fost lansarea de carte la care am participat şi noi. Cu această ocazie vreau să-i felicit pe toţi cei implicaţi, atât pentru eveniment cât şi pentru carte. 
Aşadar acest eveniment ne-a dat oportunitatea să ne petrecem câteva zile cu adevărat frumoase, alături de oameni dragi, oameni prietenoşi şi nu în ultimul rând oameni valoroşi.


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  1. Te invidiez ! De abia astept sa vina vara sa termin cu stresul si sa ajung si eu la mare:(
    te pup:*

  2. Ve poze frumoase :)

    Have a great week,


  3. Great pictures and cool outfit!
    Really like your bag!


  4. Beautiful photos! You seems to be really happy! So cute to see X

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  8. Merci de comentariu, iubita.

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  10. Oh, those pics are so cute!!! love them!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  11. Oh I miss black sea so much, I used to live in a city near black sea(Turkey):))Now I live in a city called izmir and its near Egean Sea:)

  12. Beautiful Pics!

    You got a great Blog.
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  13. Nice pics and I see you had a great day.

  14. are so beautiful!!! Nad that pick with your it :)
    You guys are so sweet :)
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  15. Forate frumoase pozele abia astept plimbarile astea si vara!

  16. Oh how much I enjoyed these pics dear! Such a cute outfit and you and your bf make a great couple. Come soon to visit me!

  17. I loved the pictures are beautiful!

    Thank you for visit and comment!
    (⁀‵⁀,) ✫✫✫.♥♥
    . `⋎´✫✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ♥

  18. love your pictures specially the last one, wanna follow each other? i already follow you.

  19. Lovely look! Great pictures!
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  20. beautiful pictures :)

  21. Ce bine iti sta cand zambesti..radiezi!♥

  22. You're such a beauty! :)
    I love the black and blue combination, fits you perfectly!

    Xx, Sara.

  23. There is something utterly romantic and beautiful (though I can't really point it out, but it feels this way). Gorgeous style dear!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  24. absolutely stunning outfit! i followed your blog right away by the way! would be so honoured if you checked out my blog!

  25. You are looking very pretty t=in that dress you wore for the awards !! And great header totally agree.

    Happy new follower. Following you via GFC now. Hope you visit our blog too.

    Much Love
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