miercuri, 11 decembrie 2013

1 year of blogging

Hello ladies!
 I remember like it was yesterday when I started to write on my blog. I had no idea if  it will work, but here I am celebrating the first anniversary of my blog.
I started with " Delia"s Fantasyland" and now I changed it with " Lady D".
Which one do you like most? When I chose the first name of my blog I was inspired by Disneyland. I just love all about Disneyland and someday I would like to go there. But now, I changed the name, firstly because it is shorter and easier to remember and secondly I always appreciated Diana, the princess Diana. Do you know about her? If you know something about her, definitely you must know she was called "Lady D". And, yes, indeed, she was a lady and I love the way she used to be. And also she had an amazing style.


Happy anniversary and many others my lovely one! :D

Kisses, D

She is Princess Diana 

11 comentarii:

  1. Oh, felicitari si la cat mai multi :D Iti sta asa de bine cu palarie, sa te vad mai des :X Si am si eu bluza ca a ta :D :*:*

  2. Congrats! and keep going :9
    Today new post, The bib necklace, an essential complement
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  3. Congratulations Delia or maybe Lady D ? :D Fantastic nickname :D

  4. Congratulations!!!! Wish you never ending inspiration!! :)

  5. Congrats for this first year, I am so sure that it won't be the last ;)

    Trendy Bow

  6. Happy blog anniversary!

  7. La multi ani inainte draga mea !!! :-)
    Felicitari pt schimbarea numelui , am2 imi plac mult :-) but you re a lady :-)

    Te pup