joi, 20 martie 2014

Spring is here

Hello readers,
I`m sorry, I haven` t written so long but as you could suppose I was busy. Even if I had no time for new posts, I start the spring season in a special way: with love and good weather. The sun is smiling down on us. It not only made me smile but it brought me a good mood as well.

I had no time for new outfits posts, but I`ll show you my instagram pictures.
This is how I spent my first spring days. It surely is not spring just on my way. Isnt it?
What about you?

Kisses, D
Have a warm week
A spring filled with love

 He knows how to make me happy every day :)
 Cakeeees, cakes, again love it! I know I am so greedy
I just love him as much as I love cakes and chocolate :D well, a little bit more :D 
My best friend and me 
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